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Kroes Feet Custom Stirrups - 2" Plain Wedge - Big Bird (1" wider across the top of your foot - great for men who wear the wider work boots)


These custom stirrups are designed to take all the torque off your knees and ankles and make riding enjoyable again! They come with a built angle to set the stirrup. 


All custom made out of steel and and are powder coat painted. Due to switching to powder coating (July 2017) - Our colors are slightly limited - we now offer Black, Brown, Blue, Red, Silver, Turqouise, Pink and Purple.


**** Stirrup Wait Time is Currently 8-10 weeks *** 


Runnin C Performance Horses will not be held liable for accident, injury or death while using these stirrups. The person using the stirrups assume all risk and liability. 

2" Wedge - Big Bird (extra wide)

SKU: 284215376135191
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